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What is the meaning of Underwire Bikini?

Have you ever wondered what exactly is mean when people say ‘underwire bikini’? Well this post is about to answer all of your questions and unravel the meaning of what is an underwire bikini top.

An underwire bikini is a bikini top that instead of having excessive padding or other support mechanisms, it uses underwire rings to keep your bust supported throughout the day. The ‘rings’ are shaped like horse-shoes to slide into the cup of the bikini top to keep you bust lifted and to give it structural support.

If you’re wondering if underwire bikini tops have any other support mechanisms other than the underwire, the answer is yes. Good quality bikini tops are made with multiple levels of support. For our plus size bikini tops we include the underwire, strong clasps options to close the back of the bikini, adjustable straps to give you a personalised fit and to lessen the stress on your shoulders and back, and of course the materials used during fabrication are of high quality to give you a lasting bikini top you can wear for all your favorite beach and holiday outings.

Underwire bikini tops are ideal for women with larger busts because the underwire is a strong level of support and gives you more support than just padding alone. However, that’s not to say women with smaller busts can’t wear and love an underwire bikini top. Underwire bikini tops are all about fit. Getting the right fit for your body and bust will alleviate any stress on fabric, pulling or poking on your bust and other unpleasant side-effects of bad sizing.

Our number one recommendation for you is to check our sizing charts before you buy an underwire bikini top. The size charts will direct you to the perfect size so you’ll be able to rock your underwire bikini top in no time!

We hope this article clears the air in the meaning of ‘what is an underwire bikini?’ and provides some light into the qualities and characteristic of this cherished swimsuit top. For more inspiration on plus size underwire bikini tops, make sure to check out @curvyswimwear on Instagram or Facebook. You can save pictures with fun prints, attractive colors and chic styles for your online shopping day and try out our plus size underwire bikini top this summer. We can wait to see you tag us in your favorite styles on Instagram!