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Tummy Control Swimsuit

We are all after the perfect tummy control swimsuit. Whether is has ruching or paneling, we all want a swimsuit that will flatter our stomach area. It is a key factor in our swimwear and we keep it in mind with each and every design and print we choose. A print can work wonders in a tummy control swimsuits as we all know that stripes and other features will make us look a certain way.

What to look for in the perfect tummy control swimsuit is ruching around the stomach. This helps in as it is scrunched fabric that will assist in making your stomach area more flattering when you wear it to the beach. This material will draw your stomach in and work towards creating a slimming silhouette in the process.

Another great tummy control swimsuit feature is paneling. Paneling is when you have a large print down the middle of your swimsuit but on either side is black panels. This helps draw in the sides of your stomach and has a great slimming effect. As you are drawn into the pattern, it makes you look thinner. This is one of our most popular designs as it really does work to make you look slimmer as well as build your confidence too.

Finally the last perfect tummy control swimsuit is three tier. A three tier one piece is great for slimming your stomach. It has three big tiers that fall on top of each other and with this design you will look smaller. You can get the three tier swimsuit in a tankini or a one piece. It comes in black as well as coral. it is a really popular tummy control swimsuit that we offer and ladies are always happy with the results.

Many of our swimsuits also feature power mesh which helps support the tummy area.

If you are looking for a great tummy control swimsuit then look no further! We have the best tummy control swimsuits for each and every lady in each and every size.