June 18, 2019 4 min read

Plus Swimwear Sale for Easter Holidays

Curvy Swimwear is holding one of the biggest plus size swimwear sale for the easter holidays. We know that it’s a great holiday time and you may be needing some swimwear for your getaway. We have decided to give you our biggest sale yet. This swimwear sale is going to be one of the biggest of the year as we offer you plus size swimwear reduced up to 80% off.

With so many full price swimwear items going on sale for up to 80% off you won’t want to miss out on all we have to offer you for easter. Needing a swimsuit desperately? Luckily for you we have sizes 10-30 going on sale including styles made for each and every body shape.

With all swimsuits heavily reduced you can’t go wrong this easter! Get yourself some curvy swimwear on sale and make the most for your next getaway. With a swimsuit range packed with features,let me tell you why you are going to want to get in quick and shop big this easter sale.

Swimwear sizes 10-30

We have swimwear sizes from a size 10 to a size 30 on sale this easter. You can get yourself discounted swimsuits no matter what size you are. If you are petit, tall, pear or rectangle shape. We have something for everyone! If you are a pear shape check out some of our flouncy styles, if you have a bigger bust look into the V neck tankinis and finally if you are someone who goes swimming all the time, check out the chlorine resistant swimwear.

Swimwear can be a big investment and hard to find the right swimsuit for you. With such cheap prices and so much on offer, you could away get yourself 2 swimsuits even 3 for the price of one and try out some new styles that you normally wouldn't go for.

What’s more, there are so many different colour and styles to choose from so feel comfortable changing up your style and finding something that you will love to take away with you on your easter holiday.

Free Express Shipping over $50 AUD

Over this Easter sale we are offering everyone for over a week free Express Shipping to everyone that does an order that is over $50.00 AUD. This is amazing prices considering you are getting swimwear that is up to 80% off and normal express shipping rates are $15! You are saving money everywhere you look!

The low costs are cue to the new season coming in and we need to make some room! Luckily for you we decided to give you the best shopping opportunity right over the Easter holidays so you can really enjoy the sun and water

Resort wear:

Not only are you getting amazing swimwear for the price of a toasted sandwich, but you’re also getting resort wear that will last you all year round! With T-shirts, dresses, kaftans and sarongs you will find something you love in this huge easter swimwear sale.

Get in quick and don’t miss out. Beach wear can be hard to find that is not only going to fit but also look great. With sizes to fit any curvy lady up to a size 30 but you can enjoy your next summer getaway even more knowing you will look and feel great. No matter how hot the weather, these items are made to last in the sun and water.

Sale Season:

If you have been a long time customer with Curvy Swimwear you would know that sales rarely happen but when we do reduce prices we go hard! As we have so much quality stock we want to give you the opportunity now and then to pick up something amazing and enjoy all that summer has to offer.

Make sure that you sign up for our email list and always the first to know about the sales,pre orders and all the special codes we give out to get a little discount. Our VIP members are always getting extra benefits.  It is worth your while checking out the sale section as we always adding new specials and offers. Let’s face it who doesn’t love bargain swimwear.

Payment Options:

We all live on a budget of some sort. If you have a family or busy lifestyle it can be hard to find time and effort to treat yourself every now and then. We believe that every lady needs to treat herself and give yourself something to enjoy whether it’s a nice dinner, new shoes or a stunning swimsuit. Lucky for you we design swimwear that will flatter every figure regardless of your size.

What’s more, we also have flexible payment options so even our sale items you can get cheaper. With services such as Afterpay and Zippay, you have the ability to reduce your checkout price to 25% as you pay off the total cost over 8 weeks. With fortnightly payments you can pay off any amount whether its $100 or even $10.

Your next holiday doesn’t have to break the bank. You can have that swimsuit you have been wanting and you won’t be out of pocket. It is time to have that getaway look you have been dreaming off and make the most of your next vacation. Enjoy our sale swimwear and pay for it overtime to make that shopping experience even easier.

Don’t miss out!

This plus size swimwear sale won’t last long and over the 10 days you will see the new season, resort wear and new additions added to the sale items as we sell out of swimwear. With sizes fitting from a 10 to a size 30 you won’t want to miss out on any of these price steals! Don’t forget to shop by your size.

There are swimsuits to fit all shapes and sizes from a pear shape to apple and rectangle. No matter size 10 to a size 30 you can shop by size as you scroll through the left hand side of the web page. Reduced up to 80% you really can't go wrong with this swimwear sale in time for the Easter holidays.

Plus Swimwear Sale for Easter Holidays

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