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Plus Size Rash Guard

Keep covered from the sun's rays this summer with our plus size rash guards. Get sporty, active and in nature this year by feeling comfortable and confident in our plus size rash shirts.

Everyone can find themselves needing their shoulders and back covered during super hot summer days, why not wear one of our plus size rash guards to keep you from getting sun burnt and sore. Even more, many women can find it difficult to confidently play in the ocean waves without the fear of our swimwear getting displaced and moved around. By wearing one of our plus size rash guards, this problem is avoided. With modest necklines, zipper options and plenty of coverage for your back, neck and arms - our rash guards are the best solutions to your summertime beach worries.

Besides being a practical addition to your summer swimwear collection - our plus size wet shirts have plenty of style and fashion to offer to complete your beach and pool outfits. Find your style with designs from floral, crane birds, paisley, animal print, and more for an electric summertime style to keep you covered, warm and sporty all day long. For solid color options, we have all your basics to match your fav swimwear. Choose from solid black, navy, and more.

Each of our plus size wet shirts has special features you'll be sure to love. From long sleeve and short sleeve options, zippers, 'chlorine resistant' styles, side ties, chic collars and more - you'll be sure to find a style you adore to help you stay fashionable for any sport or activity this summer.

For best style options, we recommend pairing printed swimwear with a solid color wet shirt or to mix prints of the same color or design together for a chic layering effect. For solid color swimwear, try a cold print in a similar color or for a stand out style try an opposite color for a cool color contrast.

We promise you'll love wearing our plus size wet shirts this summer for the ultimate addition to your summer wardrobe. Wear the short sleeve for an easy morning style to keep you warm and covered from the sun, or wear our full-length options for full-day adventures so you can tie it around your waist during the hotter parts of the day. Our plus size rash guards are sure to keep you covered from the sun, warm during cooler temperatures and in style for any summer outing this year!