August 21, 2018 2 min read

It is important that we take care of our chlorine proof swimwear. As these swimsuits are made with 100% polyester, we need to take great care of them. If you can take good care of your swimsuit you may find that it will last about 3 seasons, saving you money and shopping hassle. So, how to keep your chlorine proof swimsuit best:

  1. The key is to hand wash your swimsuit after swimming in it. Wash your swimsuit in cold tap water.
  2. High amounts of chlorine will damage your swimwear. Rinsing it with pool wash is highly recommended.
  3. Do not wash your swimsuit in spa baths.
  4. Use mild detergent
  5. Do not wring or soak or bleach your swimsuit.
  6. Do not tumble try your swimsuit
  7. Make sure that you do drip dry your swimsuit in the shade
  8. Do not leave rolled up and wet.
  9. Rinse thoroughly after use.
  10. Do not iron.
  11. Do not dry clean.
  12. Some colours may fade in the sunlight.
  13. To remove trapped sand, gently run fingernail over the dried swimwear fabric.
  14. Avoid contact with rough surfaces as this may cause pulling to the swimwear.

If you can follow these steps then you will be fine in prolonging the life of your swimsuit. You will find that your swimsuit will last and keep it's quality for a long time after buying. It won't fade colour or lose the quality in the fabric. The easiest way to remember, is by jumping in a cold shower with your swimsuit on after swimming. By the time the water heats up, you can hang your swimsuit outside the shower and continue to shower.

Hang it in the shade to drip dry, simply by hanging it over the clothes line as it is. It is so easy to take care of your chlorine proof swimwear. If you do not take good care of your chlorine proof swimwear then you will see it deteriorate faster then you would hope for. Despite the fabric being chlorine proof, you still need to take care of it.

These care instructions can also be used for any of your other swimwear. it will certainly help in making the swimsuit last longer. The better care of your swimsuit, the better it will last and look. Take care of your ladies chlorine proof swimwear today, and enjoy swimming!

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