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We are seeing the positive effects of social media on body image, there are body positive Instagram influencers popping up that are great to follow and encourage you to get body positive. Let’s start closer to home with some of the inspiring ladies we have collaborated with over the years.

Curvy Instagrammers We Love

Stace McGregs 


Gorgeous girl Stace McGregs is as lovely on the outside as she is on the inside. Stacey is the girl that makes you laugh, but she wasn’t always like this.

Stacey had grown up with body issues and had entered countless body weight contests, watching and counting every piece of food in order to achieve that perfect body. Over the years she realised that this was not what it took to make her happy and turned her life around and in a complete twist started to post about body positivity on Instagram.

Her Instagram feed is filled with bright bubbly photo’s of her and also her cute Staffy x Sausage dog Rex. We talked earlier about wearing bright colours and Stacey definitely loves colour – did someone say “Hot Pink”.

She’s also taken a stab at being a stand-up comedian but generally she engages her community with body positivity, style tips and a little bit of fun. Stacey has also modelled for lots of great Australian companies like Styling You the Label, Blue Bungalow, Little Party Dress and Capriosca Swimwear.


Margaret MacPherson


The gorgeous Margy. Margaret is a plus size model with Bella Management based in Melbourne. She is also an amazing makeup artist and has started her own company with a microfibre makeup remover that is eco-friendly.

We found one of Margaret’s body positivity quotes from one of her 2017 Instagram posts:

"I'm sure a lot of people can relate with me when I say, as a young girl I idolised and worshiped the women in magazines and on billboards in their lingerie - mainly for their incredible and extremely unattainable bodies. I would kill myself at the gym trying to rid myself of my hips, my pot belly and sadly my bosoms lol...

When I started modelling my main goal was to inspire and show young woman (and myself alike) that we all come in different shapes and sizes and to embrace what we have been given. The second I did my dreams became my reality, I signed my first contract with Playtex (which was my "I can retire happily now" moment). The second I changed my mentality my world opened. Nothing holds you back more than your own insecurities, so make sure you wake up and smash them."


Jenni Eyles


Jenni’s original Instagram was called Styling Curvy. Jen has built up a really strong network of followers over the years. She oozes confidence and is quick to tell you what’s what, and if she doesn’t like something she’s definitely not shy in saying so.

Jen has battled with breast cancer since 2012 and has openly shared her story, the bad and the good bits of her journey. She is the mum to 2 young men and is the first to admit to others that #mummingneverends. Her style is comfy and fun, and she shows women how to dress for a curvy body. She is a big promotor of body positivity.

Jen is now the owner of the fashion label Neon Cherry, which she designs herself at home in Adelaide.


Taryn Brumfitt


Taryn Brumfitt would have to be one of the biggest Australian body positive influencers. As a mum of 3 small children, Taryn identified that we need to stop the body shaming at a very young age, and teach our children to have a body positive attitude.

Her 2016 Embrace documentary is all about inspiring people to embrace their bodies, educating everyone about positive body image, and celebrating the diversity of shape, colour and size. Taryn’s goal is to get as many people to watch her documentary worldwide and help put a stop to body shaming.

Taryn also offers a 4 week course on loving your body. Her mission is to help you reconnect with your sense of joy, freedom and purpose. This course takes you through:

  • Understanding “why we hate our body”
  • Understanding how body shaming activities hold you back
  • Moving past the nasty voice in your head
  • Pushing you out of your comfort zone
  • Learning how to set boundaries and say no
  • Setting yourself up for continued success

If you ever have a chance to go to one of her talks, she is an amazing public speaker. Check out Business Chicks to book tickets.


Kate Wasley


Beautiful Kate Wasley is a Perth based plus sized model, who is also a passionate body positive activist with many achievements under her belt. 

Kate is a certified personal trainer, she has done triathlons, modeled for Lorna Jane, and in 2018, she featured in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue.

With her best friend Georgia Gibbs, the two created Instagram Their goal was to change society’s beauty standards and perception that smaller is better, when in reality, health is the important thing. After overcoming a debilitating eating disorder, Kate knows this first hand.

“I’m excited to show people no matter what your size, you can go to the gym, eat healthy and be fit and do what ever the hell you want; I’m excited to be a part of a movement that focuses on health and not size.”


Ashley Graham


Ashley Graham is a famous American plus-size model with over 10 million followers.

In February, Ashley became a mum to a little boy, Isaac. Congratulations to Ashley and her husband, Justin Ervin, who she married in 2010 after they met at church.

Ashley's career in modelling started in 2001 when she first signed with Wilhelmina Models. She has had an amazing career modelling for Vogue Magazine, Bust Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, and working with clients like Lane Bryant, Dolce and Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, Nordstrom and Macy’s.

Being one of the top body positivity models, Swimsuits for All, a plus-size retailer of women’s swimsuits, hired Ashley to shoot an advertisement in Sports Illustrated Magazine in 2015 to promote their #curvesinbikinis campaign. Ashley was the first ever plus size model to appear in the pages of the Swimsuit Issue and the campaign was a huge success.

Ashley also released her book, A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty and Power Really Look Like, in 2017. In her biography she delves into her experiences as a model and her push for body positivity.


Non Airbrushed Me


Non Airbrushed Me was created in 2015 by Amber Gwynn. Amber, who is a size 16 curve model with Bella Management, wanted people to accept that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, skin tones, hair colours, and ethnicities, and that she believed that your flaws should not be hidden but embraced. 

She pushed for a positive body image on social media in a unique way – non airbrushed images. The images they post are raw. They show every stretch mark, wrinkle, freckle, and skin tone. They have a strict No Editing Photo Policy which has gained them over 200K followers. 

They have a modelling ambassador program, in which you can become a member of their Non Airbrushed Tribe, and receive exclusive invites to events, get personalised coaching and mentoring, and work together with Bella Management to place girls into the modelling industry with the right support.


Allison Kimmy


There are some great positive body image Instagram account in the United States - at the top of the list would be Allison Kimmey.

Allie, as she prefers to be called, is based in Florida, the United States, and is swimwear obsessed. She is all about educating people to self love. Her Instagram is fresh, and shows her passion for body positivity and self care. You can also download her Self Love Journey ebook from her website.

Alison, now a mum of two, grew up with yoyo diets and body dysmorphia, and now is an activist against dieting. Allison is the happiest she has ever been at 8-10 sizes bigger than she was 10 years ago. Her self help tips include writing positive notes to stick on your mirror, like “It’s ok if your body changes now or any time”.

She has also founded @girlphoria, a non profit organisation to empower young girls. She organises work shops and talks, to teach these girls how to gain confidence. 


Megan Jayne Crabbe


Megan Jayne Crabbe, the author of Body Positive Power, is all about embracing her curves and celebrating her cellulite after years of dieting. Her mission is to help women to love themselves and their bodies. 

She also runs an advice column on The Unedit, where followers can fill in a form, and ask whatever body issue questions they have, such as “How Can I Avoid Getting Sucked Back Into The ‘Bikini Body’ Talk This Summer?"

Megan's advice for building up beach body confidence are:

  • Detox from social media
  • Wear your swimsuit around the house first, so you get more comfortable with your body
  • Ease into going to the beach
  • Don’t worry about what people think - focus on what you’re doing rather than how you look doing it

Megan has answered hundreds of great questions from her followers, and her responses and advice are invaluable. If you are after some advice, or have something that you want answered from body positive women like Megan, then head to the Unedit. Scroll through her previous articles, and if you can't find what you're looking for, why not as the bodypositivepanda!

For more inspiration take a look at these amazing body loving quotes.

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