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Buy Your Swimsuit With Sezzle

You can now buy your swimsuit using Sezzle with us here at Curvy Swimwear! Sezzle is the new way of online shopping, making shopping more and more affordable. Much like an online credit card, Sezzle allows you to shop for your swimwear today and pay later. If you have heard of lay-by then you might be familiar with this concept except you pay the swimsuit off but get it today. You can have your swimwear today and pay later, making life a lot more affordable, allowing you to have what you want when you want.

Sezzle is an alternative payment platform that enables interest-free instalments plans at online stores.When you pay with Sezzle, your purchase is split into four interest-free instalments automatically scheduled over the next six weeks

If you are going overseas on holiday with your family, it can be stressful trying to organise everyone. Not only would you be busy organising but you also might be budgeting and trying to save some money for the holiday. If you are wanting a swimsuit but cant seem to afford it, you should consider paying through sezzle.

Sezzle will allow you to buy your swimsuit, have it delivered like any other order, and then you can pay for it later. Paying for it later will mean that you won't need to break the bank just to have a new swimsuit for your trip. You can enjoy your summer relaxing in a swimsuit that you could afford.

Rather then paying the lump sum in one go, you can pay it off in 4 instalments. This means that every 2 weeks you will be charged the same amount until the item is paid off. This allows for you to budget and save money. You can buy as many things as you want using sezzle and you will just pay off the weekly instalments.

Enjoy shopping our swimsuits with Sezzle and take the time to spoil yourself. Sezzle allows you to have your swimsuit today and pay later, so treat yourself!